Mission Statement

Robotic Miracles compassionately empowers children in need of mobile freedom, through the use of 3D prosthetics.

How We Do It

Providing prosthetics for children is a highly specialized process. Our aim is to be sensitive to the needs of each child and family, and handle each case with care and compassion. Working from the inside out, we utilize a hands-on, holistic approach, in order to promote the most successful outcome. Just because a child amputee receives a prosthetic, that doesn’t mean that the work is done. Besides 3D printing prosthetics, we also provide the following – psychological support, parental training and education, physical therapy, outreach to educate more technicians in underserved areas, follow up, upgrades and maintenance of limbs in existing patients. Our goal is to be a catalyst for change, and provide the maximum amount of support throughout every step of the process.

Interested in Joining Our Cause?

Click the Statistics and Research page to learn more about limb loss statistics.

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